Unlocking Digital Currencies

CCX Exchange is a revolutionary blockchain project that is making digital currency transactions faster, more scalable, more secure and easier to execute.

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Changing the future of commerce

CCX Exchange’s native digital currency, CCX Coin, is a compelling alternative to pre-existing digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. CCX Coin was developed from the ground-up to provide greater convenience and better security.

  • Zero volatility
  • Low transaction fees
  • Robust security

Our mission is to make digital currencies more accessible and useful for more people.

Fast Access

You can be using CCX Exchange in no time. Start by speaking with one of our support representatives to learn how it works.

Dedicated Support

CCX Exchange’s support representatives are dedicated to ensuring that you have a seamless experience when transacting in CCX Coin.


Due to its two-tiered architecture and high concurrency, CCX Exchange works astonishingly quickly regardless of server load.

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